Veteran sues Kansas to get his children back

TOPEKA, Kansas (KSNT) – A Colorado veteran is fighting to regain custody of his children in Kansas.

On Wednesday, Raymond Schwab announced an end to his hunger strike. He also announced he was suing the state of Kansas.

Schwab says he lost custody of his five kids because he uses medicinal marijuana for his PTSD.

The Schwab family is being assisted by Matt Pappas, a Los Angeles-based civil rights attorney. Pappas was at the statehouse for the announcement.

“Somebody who is a veteran, who served our country,” Pappas said about Raymond Schwab. “We should not be taking their children. Shame on Kansas.”

The 15-page lawsuit lists the state of Kansas, the Kansas Department for Children and Families, department secretary Phyllis Gillmore, John Bosch and Governor Sam Brownback as defendants.

“Until my kids are actually in my hands, I’m still pretty skeptical Kansas is going to do the right thing,” Schwab said about how he feels despite a step forward in the process.

A monetary amount for those damages was not indicated in the filing but instead will be “proven at the time of trial.”

“Yeah, there’s going to be some damages sought for what they’ve done,” Schwab said about the decision to seek monetary compensation. “So my kids can get some care. Some proper care.”

Pappas took the case because he sees Kansas failing to stay with the times.

“We’re in a state that I think is in the dark ages in terms of where it is from the standpoint of medical cannabis and the rights of individuals,” he said.

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