Refunds coming to Westar customers

Westar Energy (KSN file photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Since 2014, there’s been a legal battle going on between the Kansas Corporation Commission and Westar over their charges.

Now, an agreement has been reached and approved that will get money back to you. The issue is pertaining to Westar’s transmission delivery charge, an additional charge on top of basic rates.

The KCC said in August 2014 that Westar’s base ROE, return on equity, for the transmission formula rate was unjust, unreasonable, and unduly discriminatory, also suggesting a lower rate.

A settlement was agreed upon and approved this week by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The question as to how much money and when that money will arrive is still being calculated at this point, but officials with Westar have been quoted as saying that the money will be retroactive to the August 2014 date and will be applied to accounts.

Additionally the rates will only be effective for customers that still live in Westar’s service area.

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