Dog eating gator caught

ORLANDO, Florida (WESH) – A trapper has captured and killed the alligator believed to have been responsible for the death of a Volusia County, Florida woman’s dog this week.

After the 100-pound bulldog disappeared from its home in the Skylake subdivision in Port Orange last Thursday, the owner found the dog in the gator’s mouth.

There are signs posted around the lake warning of dangerous wildlife. The lake backs up to a marsh, leading into Spruce Creek, and residents said alligators have been coming and going for years.

“Any body of water in Florida can have an alligator at any time,” said resident Gil Gagne.

One woman said she’s occasionally see people feed alligators.

“We used to have a guy that lived where the dock is and he fed them, and that’s not a good thing,” Cecelia Kuhr said.

For one family, though, it’s become a nightmare. Because FWC received a complaint regarding the death of a domestic animal, they take action.

Trapper Curtis Lucas baited a large hook with a huge piece of meat that floats on the water.

“I’ll throw it out there and get it in front of him and hope that he smells it and comes over. And we’ll grab it, and I’ll retrieve him due to the hook inside of him,” Lucas said.

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