Thieves steal donation box

GAINESVILLE, Georgia (WXIA) – Police are searching for two suspects who were bold enough to steal a donation box from a Georgia animal shelter and non profit early Monday morning.

Authorities say the suspects smashed the windows to the Humane Society of North East Georgia in Gainesville and took a — very distinctive — donation box from the location.

But, it didn’t appear that they knew they were being watched by a camera right above them.

Surveillance video shows a white sedan pulling up to the building and two suspects getting out of the car. One walked up to the window, just past the cameras view and smashed it.

Within less than two minutes, the suspects walked out with the donation box — a real-size replica of a dog house — tried to stuff it into the trunk of the car and took off.

Police believe the suspects knew exactly what they wanted.

“From the time that we received the alarm to the time that we were here were only a matter of minutes,” said Sgt. Kevin Holbrook with the Gainesville Police Department. “They came in, they took this dog house full of money and were out before we even arrived.”

The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia thinks there may have been a couple of hundred dollars in it when it was stolen.

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