Storms damage homes in Butler County

Hail caused damage to homes in Butler County. That damage included broken some broken windows and damage to roofs and siding.

A photo of damage to a house near El Dorado. (Photo courtesy Gayle Oaks)

WICHITA, Kansas  – Storms blew through south central Kansas Wednesday night causing damage to several homes. That damage included broken windows and damage to roofs and siding.

One of the areas hardest hit was in Butler County.

Joseph Hamilton and his wife’s home sustained damage on its south side, caused by hail that blew out several windows. A window in their car was also blown out.

“It happened so fast, but in the moment it seemed like forever,” said Joseph Hamilton.

The Hamilton’s were sleeping when the hail started pounding their home.

“We were sleeping at about 3:10-3:15. We started to hear like a spring rain. Uh, It steadily progressed into something a lot more severe,” Hamilton said.

He said that’s when they got worried.

“I made my way from upstairs to downstairs and about that time the bottom windows blew out in the dining room.”

But Hamilton said it only lasted a few minutes.

“It sounded like a tornado right outside the door. Uh, that’s what it felt like,” Hamilton said.

Just north of them, Mark Jones was outside assessing his own storm damage.  Hail left holes in the lining around the base of his family’s home. It also caused some damage to their window screen and a few dents in his wife’s brand new car.

“We seen the green in the clouds and next thing we know, we got big hail stones coming out of there,” Jones said.

Hamilton said several roofers and other people in the area have already stopped by to see what they can do to help.

“I never seen damage on this highway like this since I’ve lived in Kansas,” said Hamilton.


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