Ranchers donate tons of hay and fencing material

COLDWATER, Kansas – Ranchers in Barber and Commanche counties are picking up the pieces as the Anderson Creek fire continues to burn.

A lot of ranchers lost livestock, hay and fencing.

One Marienthal rancher decided to take to social media to help those affected by the wildfire. He said firefighters also literally saved his home.

“They stopped twice at the southwest corner of my yard, saved my house,” said Cam McMoran, Coldwater rancher.

McMoran is thankful firefighters could save his house and his cattle from the fire, but he lost about 1,000 acres. It’s land where his cattle would have grazed.

On Wednesday, help came from rancher Paul Simon.

“Since we are in the same business, we knew how important it was to keep your livestock as healthy as you can,” said Simon.

Simon took to social media to spread the word that donations were needed and ended up with a tremendous response.

In all, nine truckers made a four hour trip to Coldwater to donate 329 bales of hay. Some ranchers said without this donation, they likely would have had to sell off their cattle.

“There was supposed to be three semi loads of hay coming from the Scott City area sending down here, and this morning, they’re sending eight,” said McMoran.

Now McMoran will help distribute the hay to his neighbors, passing on the kindness of strangers.

“For all the neighbors around, this is just going to be kind of a drop spot where they can come and load it and feed it,” McMoran said.

“It’s awesome to see the way people come together that don’t even know you,” said neighbor, Dwayne Huck. “Even on the second day of the fire, we were getting phone calls, asking if they need to send hay.”

That’s hay that’s needed for both Commanche and Barber counties.

anderson_creek_fire_supply_convoy_marienthal_paul_simon (1)
Paul Simon’s Feed and Supply Convoy (Courtesy: Tammy Simons)

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