Kellogg and Webb slows as Wichita drivers look for other routes

WICHITA, Kansas – Expect slower traffic at Kellogg and Webb starting now. More than 120,000 cars go through the intersection each day.

“I’m sure it’s going to be congested. There’s going to be some upset people,” says Wichita Police Lt. James Espinoza. “But we want to make sure we are calm.”

Espinoza says police will be monitoring the construction area.

As construction moves forward, if you are going west on Kellogg, you can’t turn south onto Webb. And if you are going north or south on Webb, there is no left turn.

Police confirm the speed limits are slower. Speed limits in the area have been reduced to 40 mph on Kellogg and 30 mph on Webb Road throughout the construction zone. And fines in Kansas are double in construction zones in Kansas.

“And we are going to ask people to be patient and to give yourself more time. It’s very important,” said Espinoza.

KSN found many motorists trying to get downtown from Webb are avoiding the area of Webb and Kellogg.

“I go around,” says Wichita motorist Jim Knox. “I use that intersection a lot, but I’ve learned to avoid it now as much as I can. I use Rock Road.”

Knox isn’t alone. Other motorists found they can get downtown by using either Rock or Woodlawn to go onto Kellogg.

KSN timed the drive over the lunch hour from Webb to find out how long it took. From Webb, we drove west to Rock Road, and then drove to Oliver as a stopping point since it’s on the way to downtown on Kellogg.

The first route from Webb to Rock and then on to Oliver took seven minutes 44 seconds.

We tried Woodlawn next. Starting at Webb and then onto Woodlawn and onto Kellogg, it was a little faster at seven minutes 14 seconds to Oliver as a stopping point.

“Feels like the construction on Kellogg just goes on and on,” says Wichita motorist Jeff Quinn. “And, so, that’s why I avoid it. I just don’t use it.”

The construction project for the expansion at Kellogg and Webb is also slowing speeds with new, slower speeds already posted.

More than 120,000 cars go through Kellogg and Webb each day making it one of the busiest intersections in Wichita.

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