Westar worker held at gunpoint in Hutchinson

Marc Miller (Courtesy Reno County Sheriff)

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – A Westar worker was held at gunpoint in Hutchinson after switching out an electric meter. It happened in the 11000 block of E. 4th Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

According to Captain Darrian Campbell of the Reno County Sheriff’s Office, a Westar employee knocked on the door of a residence.

When no one answered the door, he left a flier on the door and went to the side of the house to change out the electric meter.

Once it was switched out, the suspect, 66 year-old Marc Miller confronted the worker and told him he didn’t have permission to be on the property. He told him to put the meter back.

The employee tried to explain he couldn’t, and when he tried to leave, Miller told him to come sit on the porch.

The worker refused, that’s when Miller stepped inside his house, grabbed a shotgun and stepped back out and asked the employee again to come sit.

Miller allowed the employee to call his supervisor, while sitting on the porch, to inform him what was happening.

Deputies arrived to find Miller holding a shotgun and the Westar employee being held against his will.

Miller was confronted with a rifle and after verbal commands from deputies gave up without incident.

He was arrested for aggravated assault and kidnapping and was transported to the Reno County Correctional Facility.

Reno County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a similar incident just last week.


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