Neighbor saves teenage girl from house fire

A teenage girl in Haysville was rescued from a burning house Wednesday by a neighbor and a man passing by.

HAYSVILLE, Kansas – A Haysville neighbor stepped in to save a teenager from a burning house Wednesday morning.

The incident happened in the 9400 block of South Meridian around 9 a.m.

Jason Preece said he was only doing what anyone would do: Running into a house that was on fire to save a teenage girl.

“I was on my way to work, and I noticed some smoke coming from a neighbor’s house,” said Preece. “I just drove down there to see what was going on.”

Jason and a person passing by both noticed the smoke and quickly jumped into action.

“He got on the phone to call the fire department, and I was more concerned about my neighbor then,” Preece said.

Jason was so concerned he went through the front door to make sure nobody was inside, going from room to room thinking he was checking on his elderly neighbor.

But, he was in for a surprise.

“There was a girl in the back corner, and I asked her if there was anybody else in the house, and she said her dad was in the other room.  So I checked it out. There was nobody in that room,” Preece said.

As soon as she was safe, he headed to work.

The other person waited until several fire crews arrived to fight the blaze.

“Damage was mainly in the back there’s kind of a enclosed porch area that had been converted to look like a bedroom,” said Bryan Ellis with the Sedgwick County Fire Department. “That was totally burnt out.”

Crews are still investigating the cause of the fire, but Jason is relieved everyone was safe.

” I’m just glad that nobody got hurt,” Preece said.

A total of six units from Sedgwick County responded along with two from the Wichita Fire Department.

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