Amtrak passenger from Chicago released from Kansas hospital

CIMARRON, Kansas – Carnell Poellinetz from Chicago, Illinois left the hospital in Garden City Tuesday. It was just one day after an Amtrak train derailed near Cimarron in southwest Kansas.

Poellinetz escaped the derailment with minor injuries, but he was worried about one thing.

“And, I don’t have anything, but what I have on right now so.”

Carnell says he’s told his luggage likely left on a bus for Kansas City. But after getting out of the hospital, he says he’s just happy to be alive.

“I thought we were going through turbulence, and we were going to straighten out. Everybody gripped themselves because it kept vibrating, and the next thing, I know bodies got to flying, and we landed up on top of each other.”

Carnell says they all just sat in stunned silence for a minute, not fully realizing what had just happened. Next, it was one stranger helping another stranger, everyone trying to get out.

He says Amtrak offered to get him on a bus, or he could catch another train out of Kansas City. He says after what he calls the ordeal of his life, he is going to Fly home.

“No, no, no, no, no. I think I’m too stiff to take the bus so I am going to fly home. That’s the way I’m getting home. I think there’s some kind of a mental thing on me. It might be a while before I catch another train.”

Carnell says he feels very stiff but is just thankful his CAT scan at the hospital shows he is going to be ok.

The NTSB will keep a large presence here, as it continues to investigate.

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