Fans react to Wichita State’s NCAA tourney berth

WICHITA, Kansas – The Wichita State Shockers are set to make their fifth consecutive trip to the NCAA tournament.

The Shockers were selected as an 11th seed by the selection committee and will take part in a play-in game in Dayton, Ohio.

Shocker fans are excited to see their team in the big dance once again, but also surprised about the route they will have to go through the tourney this time around.

“I thought they were going to get picked a little bit higher,” said Courtney Carlin, Sophomore at WSU.

“I was a little surprised we were in the play-in, I thought we’d be an eight or a nine seed,” said Ryan Williams, Junior at WSU.

Max Runyon, the President and Founder of Marshallville at WSU, says the play-in game is a different dynamic than what the Shockers are use to.

“The play-in game is the toughest situation. We have to win three games on week one whereas everyone else just has to win two, and I think it shows in tournaments past that winning two games is tough enough,” said Runyon.

The Shockers will square off against the Vanderbilt Commodores Tuesday night.

The winner will advance to play the sixth seeded Arizona Wildcats in Providence, Rhode Island


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