Give a Little: Patricia

Patricia has been matched with Melissa Knoeber for more than a decade

WICHITA, Kansas – Go Big or Go Home. That’s the message from the state’s three division one basketball coaches: Gregg Marshall, Bill Self and Bruce Weber, and it’s the motto for this year’s Bowl for Kids’ Sake campaign. It’s Big Brothers Big Sisters biggest fundraiser of the year, and so it only makes sense, that we headed to the lanes to meet a family match made possible by events like this.

“All right, you can do it, come on.”

Patricia Knoeber offered words of support from the sidelines as her Little Sister, 15-year-old Patricia, tried her hand at bowling.

“Well I did way better than I did last time,” Patricia said with a smile.

It’s among the countless things Patricia and Melissa have done in their 10 years together.

“She’s been a part of my life longer than my husband and my daughter,” Melissa said.

Now the four of them form a tremendous family match. That means Melissa and Dale have also watched Patricia become a Big Sister to their daughter.

“That’s been probably one of the best things for us,” she said, “because Lauren is an only child and she really isn’t because she has Patricia to look up to.”

She’s come a long way from the painfully shy grade schooler that was about Lauren’s age when they first met. Patricia gives credit to the Knoeber family.

“I probably would still be quiet, and I don’t think my grades would be as good.”

“I’ve watched her grow into an amazing young woman,” Melissa said with price, “and she makes great choices and I’m so very proud of her, I enjoy her immensely.”

So when you consider joining a team to Bowl for Kids’ Sake, consider what it can do. The influences of this family match are far-reaching and showing no signs of slowing down.

“They mean a lot and they’re very special,” Patricia said.

If you’d like more information on joining a Bowl for Kids’ Sake team or becoming a Big, just call 1-888-KS4-BIGS or go to

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