Dashcam shows terrifying shooting

BATTLE CREEK, Michigan – Dashcam footage shows a terrifying encounter between a Battle Creek, Michigan police officer and a suspect during a routine traffic stop Saturday.

The video of the shooting, which was released Monday by the Battle Creek Police Department, shows Officer Brad Gentry pull over a car, then approach the driver’s side window and say, “What’s up, man.”

No sooner are the words out of his mouth than the driver pulls a handgun and fires what sounds like a single shot near Gentry’s head.

The officer wasn’t actually shot, but he was temporarily deafened. In the video, he can be seen stumbling back as the shooter speeds away.

Gentry returned fire at the fleeing vehicle, getting off what sounds like 10 shots as he reported, “shots fired, shots fired,” into his radio.

He then pursued the suspect, describing his car and telling dispatchers, “He shot me. I’m not hit.”

The suspect led police on an about four-minute car chase through a residential neighborhood that reached speeds of up to 70 mph, as Gentry can be heard saying in the video. The suspect ignored stop signs and dodged around passing vehicles, coming close to a few. At one point, his car spun around, facing the way he had come, before the suspect regained control and kept driving.

“If anybody can take that car out, do it,” someone can be heard ordering over the radio.

Gentry narrated the route of the chase. He was breathing heavily and told his colleagues he could “hardly hear,” but overall he sounded composed and focused. Eventually, he asked others who joined the pursuit to take the lead.

“I can still barely hear my radio,” he explains.

“Go ahead and bow out. Let us pass you,” another officer responds over the radio.

Other cruisers then took the lead. Only moments later, the car chase came to an end when the suspect ditched his vehicle.

He took off on foot, dropping his gun into a snow bank before holing up in his mother’s home on W. Coolidge Street just west of North Avenue, about a mile from where the traffic stop happened. A standoff ensued and came to an end around 7 p.m. when a police K-9 bit Clark-Brown, who was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

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