Crews battle grass fire in Butler County

The smoke plume from a large grass fire is showing up on KSN Storm Tracker 3 Radar. Other grass fires have been reported in Sedgwick Co.

BUTLER COUNTY, Kansas – Fire crews spent Sunday  battling a large grass fire in far southeast Butler County.

Butler County grass fire is showing up on KSN's Storm Tracker 3 Radar. (KSN)
The smoke plume from the Butler County grass fire showed up on KSN’s Storm Tracker 3 Radar. (KSN)

Dry weather and high winds helped to fuel the fire north of Atlanta, Kansas.

Butler County Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Schmidt says the fire was about 15 miles long.

There was concern the fire would spread into Howard, in Elk County.

A large smoke plume could be seen on the KSN Storm Tracker Radar that extends from the fire location into Elk and Greenwood counties.

Click on the colored pins on the map below to learn more about each fire. GREEN pins are grass fires. RED pins are house fires.

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