Family recovers after having quadruplet boys

WICHITA, Kansas – A couple from the small town of Albert, near Great Bend, continues to rest after having quadruplet boys in a Wichita hospital.

It’s rare to see quadruplets in the Wichita area.

Brandon and Megan Fyler say there’s no way they could have planned this, but they’re happy to have four healthy boys. They’ve been at Wesley Medical Center for a couple of months and can’t wait to take the boys home in the next month or two.

“Never had any idea that we would have five running around in that little tiny house.”

The Fyler’s already have a two-year-old son named Colton. They were hoping they could have a second.

“We thought possible twins because we were so sick with them, but when she found the third and the fourth one came, it was just kind of like, our faces were blank,” said Megan.

Yes, that’s right, a big shock. Still, with all the health concerns associated with quadruplets, they wanted a natural birth.

“We told Dr. Hauge and I said, we want to make it to 30 weeks, and we want natural birth and she said, ok. We’ll do it if we can. We did great,” Megan said.

Two weeks ago, at thirty weeks, she was getting contractions, so it was time.

“Ayden came out first and Braxton in a few minutes. And then it took maybe 15 or so minutes and then we thought Cameron was coming head down,” Megan said. “Well then Dexter came out breach, and then Cameron a few minutes later.”

Right now, Ayden and Braxton are in special care until they’ve gained more weight, but Dexter and Cameron are still in neonatal, where they struggle with their breathing.

“They’re getting up to speed because they’re both on CPAP,” said Megan. “So as soon as they start on room air for at least 48 hours, I think we can get them upstairs and we’ll have all four of them together again.”

Big brother Colton gets to see his siblings every weekend.

“I think he’s just ready to go home. He keeps asking me when we can go back to Albert,” said Brandon. “He understands. I think he’s just ready to go home.”

But until they get to come home, big brother has a little song to remember their names.

The Fyler’s say they’ve gotten tons of support from their family and community.

Medical officials say it’s been more than a decade since they’ve seen quadruplets, saying they deliver twins and a few triplets, but quadruplets are very rare.

Via Christi says they delivered sextuplets in 2002.

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