Marco Rubio talks to KSN News before Wichita rally

WICHITA, Kansas – Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio talked exclusively to KSN News before a rally in Wichita Friday at Jabara Airport. .

View the complete KSN interview with Marco Rubio below.

Rubio talked about his campaign. He also addressed the Republican front-runner in the race and last night’s debate in Michigan.

“It is ugly because Donald Trump is the most vulgar person that has ever ran for president. He has spent the last year offending and making personal attacks against the disabled, against women, against minorities and everyone on that stage. I said at the beginning of that debate last night, let’s have a policy debate. Donald Trump doesn’t have any policies.”

It is policy, that KSN is interested in and particularly his plans for energy.

Many communities in Kansas have seen a big drop in income with the price of oil dropping. KSN asked Rubio how he would reverse that as president.

“We need to do everything we can until that price recovers to insure that we’re not doing anything government wise that hurting them.”

Specifically, the senator is calling for reducing regulations on oil and gas exploration.

“But, I am talking about doing things like there’s a lot of environmental protections that are in place that require all sorts of redundancies to be put on these operations which are costs associated with production.”


In a news release sent out after the rally, Rubio said 27 Kansas officials are supporting him.


Kansas Elected Officials Supporting Marco:

Rep. Steve Anthimides, Wichita
Governor Sam Brownback
Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, Hutchinson, Kansas State Co-Chair
Rep. Erin Davis, Olathe, Kansas State Co-Chair
Treasurer Ron Estes, Wichita
Rep. Mario Goico, Wichita
Fmr. Sen. Nancey Harrington, Haysville
Rep. Dan Hawkins, Wichita
Rep. Kyle Hoffman, Coldwater
Rep. Mark Hutton, Wichita
Rep. Jim Kelly, Independence
Sen. Dan Kerschen, Garden Plain
Sen. Garrett Love, Montezuma
Rep. Jerry Lunn, Leawood
Rep. Les Mason, McPherson
Congressman Mike Pompeo, Kansas State Co-Chair
U.S. Senator Pat Roberts
Rep. Ron Ryckman Sr., Meade
Rep. Chuck Smith, Pittsburg
Fmr. Sen. Chris Steineger, Kansas City
Rep. James Todd, Overland Park
Fmr. Rep. Jason Watkins, Wichita
Rep. Troy Waymaster, Bunker Hill
Rep. John Whitmer, Wichita
Rep. Kristey Williams, Augusta
Fmr. Sen. Dennis Wilson


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