Hesston victim doesn’t know if she’ll ever feel ‘completely calm again’

A woman who worked inside the Excel Industries plant in Hesston talked with KSN about her experience.

Excel Industries shooting victim Melissa Torres. (Photo: KSN)

HESSTON, Kansas – Melissa Torres was one of the victims shot inside the Excel Industries plant Feb. 25th.

Torres, who works in the paint area, said she was spraying and drying parts Thursday when she heard shots fired outside the building.

“It was around five o’clock and I heard five big loud bangs outside, and instantly my heart dropped and I stepped back. And in my head,” said Torres. “I don’t know how I just knew it was gunshots. I knew it. But I didn’t even have a second to think.

“I turned to the door, and he walked in with two guns and just looked right at us and bam bam, and that’s when I dropped and I ran as fast as I could. I just kept running, and I could hear shootings and I could see ricochets, like bullets, the sparks off the medal, but I didn’t look back and I didn’t even dare to see where he was going.

“When I was running, I think I was in more of a scared shock than pain. Like, I was just so many emotions running through my head. Whoever expects to go to work and be shot at, but I was in so much shock. Once I got to the clinic, that’s when all the pain from my hand and everything set in, and I felt like my hand was going to fall off.”

Torres was struck in the hand, hip and back.  She said she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to feel completely calm again.

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