Saline County investigating Great Bend swim team allegation

GREAT BEND, Kansas – It’s the beginning of another investigation involving the Great Bend high school swim team. The alleged victim is 15 and the Saline County Sheriff’s Office is handling the case.

“Report that there was an incident where he was, there was a sexual assault that occurred on the bus,” said Captain Roger Soldan, Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

It is the second allegation in less than two weeks. Both of the alleged incidents happened on the bus while traveling back to Great Bend after a swim meet.

The report referred to a swim meet held on Wednesday, February 3 at Salina South High School.

“Apparently after they left the swim meet, they stopped at a local Wendy’s, and I don’t know which one, and it occurred shortly after they left Wendy’s on the bus on the ride home,” said Soldan.

The alleged assault occurred between 7:05 and 7:10 p.m.

“We don’t know if they went down the Interstate or if they went back 40, I have no idea.”

It’s an ongoing investigation that will include collaboration with the Ellsworth County Sheriff’s Office. At this point, authorities have more questions than answers.

“Find out what the circumstances were, the timeline, the route they took, who all was on the bus, and we’ll go from there,” added Soldan.

Sheriff Soldan says it’s still very early in the investigation. The Saline County Sheriff’s Office is still working to schedule interviews in Great Bend.

USD 428 sent the following news release at 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon regarding this incident:

Brad Reed
Superintendent of Schools
USD 428 Great Bend

USD 428 was contacted by media today concerning a report made in Saline County of a bus incident during the first week of February.

The district is undertaking to investigate the matter and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement. Once the investigation is completed and the facts determined, the district will take appropriate action.

The district takes this and all claims of harassment or other wrongdoing seriously and continues to be concerned about the safety, well being and fair treatment of all its students.

The district did on Feb. 8 revise its practices regarding adult monitoring and supervision on bus trips to reduce the likelihood of any inappropriate behavior.

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