Couple fights for seized monkeys

PASCO, Washington (KNDU) – There are a couple unusual guests at Pasco, Washington’s Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. Officers took two Capuchin monkeys out of their home Sunday and now an investigation is underway to find out whether the monkeys are legal.

Monica and Robert Bachmann say their monkeys filled a void in their lives.

“You know he fulfilled my need as a mom. I mean I got to bottle feed him. I changed his diaper. He showed me love, he gave me kisses,” said Bachmann.

The Bachmann’s got their first monkey back in 2006. They named him Cyrus. A year and a half ago they got another one.

“Now that they took them, I can’t function properly. I’m sorry. I can’t function,” said Bachmann.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter is currently housing the primates. Animal Control has been investigating these monkeys since last fall.

“She said that she did not have monkeys, has never owned monkeys, and she maintained that up until the Friday before the seizure,” said Angela Zilar of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

A state law passed in 2007 making it illegal to own potentially dangerous wild animals. However if you already owned one before that you can be grandfathered in.

“This all could have been avoided if she had just been honest with us in the beginning,” said Zilar.

“Probably not get both of them back and that is heartbreaking, but I’m fighting to get at least one of them,” said Bachmann.

Pasco Police helped serve a search warrant at the Bachmann’s home Sunday. Animal Control took the monkeys and quarantined them.

The Bachmann’s need to come up with the paperwork to prove ownership, as well as up-to-date vet records. Then Animal Control, the city attorney and the USDA have to confirm the documents’ authenticity. If everything is by the book, the Bachmann’s will get their monkeys back.

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