Bible survives car fire

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (WMC) – Good Samaritans worked together to rescue an injured driver from the wreckage of his vehicle just before it burst into flames on Interstate 385 in Memphis, Tennessee Sunday.

Miraculously, all that survived the inferno was the man’s Bible.

Witnesses said the vehicle went off the road and ran into a pole.

“Everybody started getting stuff to bust the windows. We had to get the man out of this car,” witness Elicia Bridgforth said.

With some help from good Samaritans, a K-9 officer rescued the driver from the burning vehicle before it exploded.

Witnesses said the driver was pinned against the steering wheel.

“All I could find was a gallon of water, so I went back and wet him so maybe it wouldn’t burn him and I could keep him as moist as possible,” Corey Kilpatrick said.

The group tried unsuccessfully to find a fire extinguisher. Moments later, a man ran over with a jack iron and broke through the window.

“It appeared he was completely trapped in the driver’s seat,” Kilpatrick said.

The man was carried to safety. Moments later, everyone on the scene heard the car making loud popping noises.

“I said ‘this car is going to blow. Lord, please let me get this man out,’” Bridgforth said.

The driver was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

Police recovered one item from the burned car: a Bible.

“That is God,” said Eugene McNeil. “If you don’t believe it, I don’t know what to say.”

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