New security at Intrust Bank Arena makes debut at Barry Manilow show

WICHITA, Kansas – Whether it’s a big game or a concert, security is on everyone’s minds and that’s why venues across the country, including Intrust Bank Arena, are taking steps to improve security and make it faster.

People waiting in line for Friday night’s Barry Manilow concert told KSN they’re thankful for the added efficiency and security that the new metal detectors bring.

“They’re in effect now for all events going moving forward,” said Intrust Bank Arena General Manager, A.J. Boleski.

The venue expected anywhere from 5,000-6,000 people at tonight’s concert.

And everyone had to file through security before enjoying the show.

“It’s been kinda driven by the industry as a whole as you go to professional sports, major league baseball, NBA, those types of things; you see this more and more,” Boleski said. “Several promoters in the concert industry are now requiring it so that kind of factored into what we’re doing today.”

The arena first tested the metal detectors in December at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra event.

“Got a lot of positive feedback and it’s something we’ve been working to do ever since,” he said.

But KSN wanted to see the security in action so we watched as people filed in and low and behold, the process was pretty fast.

“This is kind of an upgrade from the wands obviously, it’s a little bit more efficient,” Boleski said.

And some people waiting outside said the metal detectors make them feel safer.

“There’s going to be a lot of people here tonight and I like to be sure that everybody’s safe and Barry’s safe and his band and everything. And this makes me feel really good,” said Tammy Hargis, who traveled with her husband from Topeka for the show.

“I assume be safe and have them do the right thing than you know, rather having something go wrong,” said Kenny Bell, who was waiting outside the arena before the concert.

There are 33 metal detectors and they cost nearly $130,000.

They were purchased with money from the Sedgwick County Arena Reserve Fund.

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