Former students, friend of Mayberry teacher shocked by his arrest

The arrest of a former Mayberry Middle School teacher has shocked former students and a friend.

Terry Couch (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Former students and a friend of the Mayberry Middle School teacher arrested Thursday on allegations of child sex crimes say they’re shocked by the allegations against him.

Terry Couch, who taught physical education at Mayberry, was arrested Wednesday night and book into the Sedgwick County jail shortly before midnight.

Nick Lane, one of Couch’s former students, and his mother are in disbelief after finding out about the charges of aggravated indecent liberties with a child against the coach.  They say they don’t believe the charges, and Nick’s mother, Ursula Maness, says the allegations don’t change per perceptions about her child’s favorite teacher.

“Shocked. Completely blown away,” said Ursula Maness, who also is a friend of Terry Couch.

Her son, Nick, says he liked Coach Couch.

“Everybody loved him. He was a great coach,” Lane said.

Maness was a friend of Couch, and says all three of her children went to Mayberry.  As the PTA mom for their classes, she found herself volunteering often at school events with Couch.

“I can’t believe it, not at all,” Maness said.  “I worked with him too much to just think of him doing anything like that. It’s just inconceivable.”

Maness learned of the potential charges against her children’s coach on Friday when her son Nick said he discovered the story on social media.

“You hate to see anything like that happen,” Maness aid. “You know, it’s heartbreaking I guess, is the easiest way to say it.”

Nick Lane, too, was positive about his experience with Couch when he was a student at Mayberry.

“He was always really professional, and I would have never suspected anything like that especially with him having two daughters,” said Lane.

Nick says he still has a hard time believing the allegations against Couch, and hopes the school district will diligently look into the allegations against him.

Maness and Lane are not the only ones who are saddened by the news of Couch’s arrest.

KSN reached out to other former students, and one of them issued a statement saying, “Terry was more than a coach, he was a friend and life mentor.  I feel blessed to have him as one of my coaches.  I looked up to him as a teacher.  I learned life skills from his coaching, life skills I use today..I am deeply saddened by the news.”

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