Counterfeit money turning up in Derby

Residents and businesses in Derby are being warned some counterfeit U.S. currency has been showing up there recently.

Money (KSN File Photo)
Money (KSN File Photo)

DERBY, Kansas – Police in Derby are warning residents to double-check their money after several businesses have received counterfeit bills.

Since January 1st, Derby police say they’ve received 14 reports of counterfeit money at local businesses.

Police officials say the suspects aren’t printing new currency.  Instead, they’re using a different technique.

“What we suspect they’re doing is taking smaller bills and washing them and then reprinting them with larger denominations such as fifties, one hundreds,” said Derby Police Lt. Kevin Jones.

Because the suspects are using real money and then replacing the ink, counterfeit detector pens won’t work on the fake bills.

So, how can you detect a fake bill from a real one?

First, you should check for the color shift in the ink.  The ink in the bottom right-hand corner of the bill will change color if the bill is tilted.

Also check the embedded security thread that runs from the top edge to the bottom edge of the bill.  These threads will glow different colors under ultraviolet light. The strip will glow blue for $5 bills, gold for $10s, green for $20s, yellow for $50s, and red for $100s.

The security thread will say “USA and the denomination of the bill.


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