10 high school students get WSU engineering scholarships

WSU Friday handed out nearly $300,000 in engineering scholarships to ten high school students from Wichita and other states.

Ten high school students from Wichita and other states received engineering scholarships from WSU on Feb. 19, 2016. Each scholarship is worth $28,000. (Photo: KSN)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSN) – Going to college can be very expensive.  Now, ten high school students will be able to advance their education thanks to scholarships from Wichita State University.

Ten high school students from here in Wichita and from several states were awarded engineering scholarships Friday to attend WSU.  Those scholarships total nearly $300,000.

Money for the scholarships comes from the Dwane and Velma Wallace Foundation.  Dwane Wallace led Cessna Aircraft for decades, and the couple left money to help engineering students go to college.

Each recipient Friday will receive $28,000 to attend WSU for four years.

WSU President John Bardo said the students will help move the university forward.

“As we think about ourselves as an innovation university rather than just a traditional old school that happens to be on the hill, we really are every day re-evaluating what can happen in Wichita and what can happen in Kansas,” said Bardo.

Since the scholarship was created in 1980, more than 300 students became engineering majors at WSU.

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