Mother reacts to Great Bend superintendent’s statements after school bus incident

GREAT BEND, Kansas – A mother is speaking out after the Great Bend superintendent said he doesn’t believe any criminal activity took place on a school bus where she says her son was sexually assaulted.

KSN won’t identify the mother or show her face because it’s against KSN policy to release any details that could identify an alleged sexual assault victim.

“I’m outraged, I’m disappointed, I’m blown away,” said the alleged victim’s mother.

She believes the school isn’t taking the incident seriously enough and didn’t take proper action where it was needed.

“We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and if their investigation provides new information then we’ll consider that and respond appropriately,” said Brad Reed, Great Bend Superintendent.

But the mother says that doesn’t cut it.

“I called the police that night. They didn’t,” she said.

The superintendent maintains that the school is not overlooking what happened

He addresses what he calls, “misconceptions” saying, “USD 428 has not addressed this issue and has tried to sweep it under the rug. That is simply not true.”

But the mother disagrees.

“The coach said to me, ‘I’ll get to it tomorrow,’ his exact words…’I’ll get to all the parents tomorrow.’ And if that’s the policy then policies need to be changed,” she said.

KSN spoke with the Ellsworth County Sheriff who said his department is still investigating the case and likely will for a week or more.

But Friday he was willing to say this  about the case, “It appears from where I’m sitting that we have charges that can be and should be filed but we can only take the report and forward it to the County Attorney for prosecution,” he said.

The boy’s mother says she will not talk to the district without her lawyer present after what she calls a disappointing press conference.

“People think that these guys speaking out is trying to put a bruise on the community. To me no, it’s trying to bring the community back together,” she said of the protest that students had formed.

The Ellsworth County Sheriff said he’s still investigating the incident and that it will be another seven to 10 days before he hands the case over to the county prosecutor, who will then decide whether charges will be filed.


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