Carr brothers one of the last cases Justice Scalia presided over

WICHITA, Kansas – The news of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is still warranting reactions from many across the country.

Justice Scalia was appointed to our highest court in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, replacing William Rehnquist after he was appointed Chief Justice.

A local tie to the long time justice is that one of the last cases he presided over was a case right here in Wichita.

Current Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett took the Wichita case of brothers Jonathan and Reginald Carr death sentences to the U.S. Supreme Court.

It was Justice Scalia who tackled the majority vote of 8-1 head on.

Bennett recalls Scalia reading the charges, one by one, underscoring the case’s brutal details.

“Listening to him recite those again in that room with all eyes on him, hush silence as he went through one fact after another was a moment I’ll never forget,” said Bennett.

Another district attorney in Wichita, Bennett’s predecessor, Nola Foulston also reflecting on Justice Scalia.

“I have met him before and spent some time with him,” said Foulston.

In a KSN interview last month, Foulston remembers what so many have been saying all weekend since news broke of Scalia’s death.

Foulston spoke about Scalia’s strong, conservative voice in the country’s highest court.

“There was no holds barred, he just said this is the way it is, these are the facts, this is terrible and it was like, look this court felt this case,” said Foulston.

Scalia was 79 years old.

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