Kansas’ AG asks Congress to address robocalls

Kansas AG Derek Schmidt and 24 other attorneys general want the U.S. Senate to enact the HANGUP act.

Phone (KSN File)

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt Wednesday asked the U.S. Senate to protect consumers from unwanted and intrusive robocalls.

In a news release, Schmidt said he and attorneys general from 24 other states sent a letter to members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation urging passage of the HANGUP Act to protect consumers from unwanted debt-collection robocalls.

Congress recently amended the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to permit robocalls to consumers for debt collection purposes if the debt is owed to or guaranteed by the federal government. The HANGUP Act would restore the TCPA to its former language and return telephone privacy rights to consumers.

“Either a debt-collection practice is legitimate or it is not,” Schmidt said. “The federal government should not have special permission to collect its debts through abusive robocalls that federal law prohibits private lenders from using.”

Click here to read the letter Schmidt and the other attorneys general sent to Senators John Thune and Bill Nelson.

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