‘Super Bowl Baby’ lands in national NFL commercial

Data suggests that nine months after a team wins the Super Bowl, there’s a spike in the number of babies born in that city.

These kids are affectionately called ‘Super Bowl Babies.’

A Super Bowl commercial just released features a few dozen of these Super Bowl babies of many generations, some from Indianapolis.

Maddox Butler is a Colts Super Bowl baby.

His story begins all the way back in 2007 when the Colts won Super Bowl 41.

His mother Amy Gandolph welcomed her son nine months later.

“There’s a spike in that city’s births nine months after a Super Bowl and he is basically here because of that,” she said.

And his football beginnings have landed Maddox in a national commercial, produced by the NFL.

He and his mom traveled to New York for the taping just a couple weeks ago.

“They were really strict on bringing your birth certificate and they also asked me a little back story on Maddox and you know I told them he’s definitely a Super Bowl baby,” she said.

The kids spent a couple of days learning the song they sing in the ad.

It’s a remake of the Seal song “Kiss From a Rose.”

“We mostly just got a paper, then looked at it a lot, and sang it,” Maddox Butler said.

And they also had some time to sight see.

“The kids really had a lot of fun,” Gandolph said, “He got to see New York City while we were there.”

Amy said it was also fun to meet all the other parents of Super Bowl babies.

“We were all really excited because all these kids were there pretty much because our team won the Super Bowl nine months before,” she said.

In true form, this young Colts fan is rooting for Peyton Manning this Super Bowl Sunday, the quarterback who lead the Colts to victory in Super Bowl 41.

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