Kansas’ aging population expected to double

Wichita State University (KSN File photo)

WICHITA, Kansas– A WSU study released Wednesday has found some interesting predictions for the state’s population.

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research took facts and trends from each Kansas County and found that in less than 20 years Kansans older than 65 will outnumber those younger than 18.  Many people will leave rural Kansas with 80% of the state living in metropolitan areas by 2064 and 26% of the entire state population will live in Wichita.

The information sparks some concern over the long-term industry needs.

“The real opportunity for us for growth is skilled manufacturing, that’s what we’re good at in this state, are looking around and saying there’s not enough people around here to keep growing here, I’ll have to have another establishment somewhere else where there might be some more labor available,” said Jeremy Hill, Director of the Center for Economic Development and Business Research.

The negative migration is common throughout the Midwest, but studies like this one can encourage lawmakers to look for a solution and potentially turn those trends around.

Find the predictions for each county here.

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