Harvey County road rage incident and police chase ends in Sedgwick County

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kansas – A woman is in custody following a police chase Sunday evening. The chase began in Harvey County and ended in northern Sedgwick County.

At approximately 6:35 p.m., Harvey County 911 received a call from a woman who reported a vehicle following her after she left visiting family in a local retirement home. The woman reported the other vehicle collided with her at 1st and Main. The victim drove around the block in an effort to get away from the other vehicle, but found the car waiting for her at 3rd and Main. The victim remained on the phone with 911 and continued northbound. The vehicle continued to follow and caused another collision near 12th and main. The panicked woman pulled into a restaurant parking lot at the north end of town, where it appears the suspect may have caused a third collision.

As officers arrived in the area, the suspect fled. Officers and deputies chased the vehicle north on Main, and then southbound on I-135. The suspect continued southbound at speeds near 80 mph with three flat tires.

The suspect crossed into Sedgwick County where a deputy had another set of spikes deployed. A Sedgwick County Deputy deployed road spikes, but unfortunately, his hand became tangled in the cordage attached to the spikes and caused an injury when the suspect ran over the spikes.

The suspect vehicle unexpectedly veered to the right entering the ditch, and lost control rolling the vehicle two to three times. The driver, identified as 27-year-old Marjorie Flesher, was treated by EMS at the scene and released to law enforcement custody. She is currently at the Harvey County Detention Center where she has been booked on numerous charges including aggravated battery, felony flee / elude police, reckless driving, and DUI.

Marjorie Flesher (courtesy Harvey County Detention Center)
Marjorie Flesher (courtesy Harvey County Detention Center)



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