Super Bowl tests brewery loyalties

DENVER, Colorado (KUSA) – Two of Colorado’s largest craft breweries have facilities in what’s now become enemy territory: North Carolina.

New Belgium Brewing and Oskar Blues Brewing both have facilities near Asheville, North Carolina, a bustling craft beer town.

“There’s a surprising amount of parallels between the Carolinas and Colorado, foremost on our minds is the brewing scene,” said Bryan Simpson with New Belgium.

“There was a little trash going back and forth on the Internets today from that brewery to this one,” Simpson said standing in the New Belgium’s Fort Collins brew house.

Simpson said the two facilities are in the process of finalizing a Super Bowl bet.

“One of the things they can’t seem to get is spicy good green chili down there so it was floated out there that if the Panthers win then we have to send green chili back to Carolina, and if the Broncos win, they have to send barbecue sauce out to Fort Collins,” he said.

A spokesman for Oskar Blues said those two facilities are still deciding what to wager on the big game.

Can a brewery divided against itself stand?

Simple answer, yes.

“It’s going to be really fun for everybody to kick back for a day relax with some good beers and root for whichever team they’re rooting for,” Simpson said.


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