City prepares for next round of winter weather

WICHITA, Kansas – City of Wichita crews are prepared for the next round of winter weather.

With snow and ice predicted overnight, officials say they anticipate having a full fleet of 60 trucks out around 4 p.m. but started early because of freezing rain. Those trucks have been putting salt and sand on elevated roads, intersections, and known problem areas.

KSN had the chance to ride along with one of the plow drivers. Chris Foulk said he’s been busy putting sand-salt mixture down on the major roadways. He’ll be continuing to run his route over the trouble spots all evening.

“Right now, our main focus is bridges, hills, curves and intersections. Want to make sure that bridges aren’t freezing up and intersections, stuff like that. We’re putting material down before there’s any issue at all,” Foulk said.

The next shift will take over at midnight and work 12 hours or until road conditions are good. The city says they’ll keep the trucks out as long as necessary to clear up the roads in time for your morning commute.

Officials say they have a full supply of salt and have received shipments to restock.




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