Students promoting Wichita State in Oklahoma

WICHITA, Kansas – Several Wichita State University students woke up a little bit earlier than usual this morning preparing for a road trip to Tulsa.

The student ambassadors are promoting the university in Oklahoma. Their goal is to bring awareness of the benefits and opportunities Wichita State offers.

They’re also promoting a new tuition discount for Oklahoma students allowing them to pay in-state tuition.

“We see the future of Wichita State is not only getting more and more residents of Kansas, it’s also actually reaching outside the state of Kansas and getting more students from the region,” said Bobby Gandu, WSU Director of Admissions.

“You know, Wichita State is becoming a very prominent university, and we want to expand out and get future shockers from everywhere and eventually across the country,” said Joshua Radford, WSU Student.

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