Shockers hit the road to recruit

WSU Shockers Logo 16:9

WICHITA, Kansas– On Wednesday morning a handful of WSU students made the trip to Tulsa hoping to inspire residents to become Shockers.

“We’ll tell them all about Wichita State University and how great of a school it is and you know tell them all the different great opportunities that they have,” said student Joshua Radford.

The majority of Wichita State students are from the Sunflower state, but the school wants to see more diversity.

“We see the future of Wichita State as not only getting more and more residents of Kansas, but also actually reaching outside the state of Kansas and getting more students from the region and the nation,” said Director of Admissions Bobby Gandu.

To entice their Southern neighbors the school is offering Tulsa and Oklahoma City residents a pretty sweet deal, in-state tuition.

“Students and parents are really looking more and more at the bottom line in terms of the final cost to attend college and so we know that what we’re offering is going to make it very competitive for students to consider,” Gandu said.

Students from the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas can save more than $8,200 a year on tuition and fees.

With the motivation of cheaper education the group will also sell their school on its proximity to Tulsa and Oklahoma City and the different opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

“We really love it and we want to see new shockers come in everyday and that’s why we do this,” Radford said.

The same deal is also being offered to Texas students.


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