Possible changes coming to Wichita State’s housing

Wichita State University (KSN File photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A new study recommends Wichita State to phase out one of its dorms.

Fairmount Towers is the school’s oldest housing unit. Only 33% of its residents are highly satisfied with it. Compared to 66% of students living in the newest dorm, Shocker Hall.

Mostly known as a commuter school, only 1,000 students currently live on Wichita State University’s campus, making up just 7% of the student population.

WSU housing recently partnered with a marketing company to conduct a survey to find out what would draw more students to live on campus. Many of the 1,500 students that participated in the study recommended new and diverse housing.

“I think a newer building would attract people, especially if we had a different housing style and housing shape instead of say a dorm, if we had small apartments or something like that. It would cater to a different crowd,” stated Wichita State student, Nil Parikh.

School officials agree that there aren’t many options for WSU students. With only two on campus locations, the university says it’s time to discuss other options.

“A lot of campuses do have the opportunity to stay on-campus and live in an apartment, so that’s one of the things that we’re excited about, the prospect of this being out there is the possibility of adding apartments later on,” explained WSU Director of Housing, Scott Jensen.

Before any changes will be made, Jensen told KSN that the university wants to make sure this would make sense economically before renovating this part of campus.

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