Many disappointed no Powerball winner on Saturday

Powerball Ticket (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – Anticipation turned to disappointment for thousands of people across Kansas who bought Powerball tickets for Saturday’s $900 million drawing, the biggest in U.S. lottery prize history.

But, since no one matched all six Powerball numbers, Wednesday’s  $1.3 billion jackpot is still there for the taking.

The prize will grow as many of the same players – and some new ones – will buy their tickets and take their chances to get rich quick.

Nonetheless, many people in Wichita who know the odds of winning are slim will still play anyway.

The odds of winning Powerball aren’t good, but Wichitans are taking the chance to win the biggest lottery prize ever.

Customers at QuikTrip at Broadway and Murdock Saturday placed their bets.

“Just taking a chance. You never know,” said Terrance Scott.

“I decided it was high enough that I had to take a chance,” said Ronald Heath.

A chance Heath is hoping will bring him the winning ticket.

“I’m pretty excited. I haven’t looked at the… yea well, it’s got my birth date in it. So it’s gotta be a good number,” Heath said.

Some Wichitans already have an idea of what they’ll do with the prize if they can beat the odds.

“I could help family out if I do win it. They and my sister and everyone works really hard,” said Nathan Vincent. “One of my sisters has cancer right now, so it’d be really nice to do something for her.”

“I’d try to like build some more homeless shelters because of the homeless people and all that.” said Tarik Mitchell.

“I’m excited. I wish I could win. I’d retire forever,” Cindy Knight said.

“First thing most is a house and make sure everything is stable. Go from there,” Scott said.

Chances of winning the Powerball lottery are very slim.

“I got a better chance at getting hit by a lightning strike to tell the truth,” said Robert James.

He says it’s too much money not to pass up the chances winning.

“Somebody gotta win. Why not me?” James said.

“I’m just excited. Can’t wait to see what numbers turn up. Hope they’re on my ticket,” said Knight.

QuikTrip said the store at Broadway and Murdock sold more than 1,600 Powerball tickets Saturday, making more than $3,700 off the tickets.

Saturday’s winning Powerball lottery numbers were 32-16-19-57-34. The Powerball number was 13.

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