Wichita couple receives overwhelming support from donors near and far

WICHITA, Kansas – Just days before Christmas, KSN brought you the story of a Wichita couple who’s baby’s grave site had been vandalized.

Now, a stranger’s kindness is helping the family.

To anyone else, the box given to the Feil couple, Wednesday, looked like an ordinary box. But it’s what was inside that makes it special for this Wichita couple.

A stranger hundreds of miles away in Alabama saw Jamie and Dan Feil’s story that thieves had stolen Christmas decorations from their son’s grave. The donor wanted to stay anonymous, but wanted to replace what had been taken.

“Our initial reason for putting this out on Facebook was hopefully for someone to hear, ‘hey this person was taking stuff’, but I guess people took it in such a nice way and gave back is just overwhelming,” Dan explained.

The Feils say they never imagined the response their post would receive, and that people would be so willing to help.

“We’ve had people contact me on Facebook that I didn’t even know, wanted to put stuff out and then we would just show up and there would be more stuff on here. It’s just been awesome,” Jamie said.

The newest gifts, including two snow globes and a nutcracker, are now on baby Beckett’s grave, adding new memories to the ones they’ll always have about the two hours their son spent on earth.

“He knew he was loved for those two hours, so we’re grateful that he only knew love in this life and only knows love now,” Jamie stated.

Feil’s laying new gifts on Beckett’s grave.
beck 3
Santa came to visit baby Beckett’s grave on Christmas morning.



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