Ranzau recall committee wants Kansas high court to reverse DA decision

Richard Ranzau

WICHITA, Kan. – The committee that tried to force a recall election of Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau says it will file a legal action with the Kansas Supreme Court to reverse District Attorney Marc Bennett’s decision to block the group’s recall petitions.

The Committee to Recall Ranzau, Inc. filed the petition with Bennett’s office in November claiming Ranzau had been “negligent in his duty to administer funds properly to our citizens.”

The commission earlier this year voted to turn down $300,000 in funding from the federal government for the the Sedgwick County Health Department to administer the Women, Infants and Children program.  Ranzau was a strong supporter of those cuts.

Committee Recall Ranzau spokesperson Sandrine Lisk said in an email the organization will file a petition with the Kansas Supreme Court “to obtain an authoritative interpretation of the law for the guidance of public officials in their administration of the public business.”  Lisk also said the petition will ask the court to “compel DA Bennett to act.”

Bennett has twice ruled the recall committee’s petitions do not meet the narrow grounds prescribed by state law for the recall of an elected official.

“The remedy is the ballot box and if someone is dissatisfied by any particular official, a commissioner or the district attorney, the mechanism for challenging that is to go out and vote the next time,” said Bennet.

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