Winter storm brings slick roads, power outages across western Kansas

DODGE CITY, Kansas – Parts of our western Kansas viewing area saw some serious winter weather this weekend.

KSN spoke to officials in Ford County about the road conditions and the many power outages.

Roads have since cleared but this weekend, driving was a nightmare for people from Dodge to Liberal.

In Ford County alone…

“We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 cars last night and that’s everything from a semi slipping off, to a small car being stuck in a snow drift,” said Edward Elam, the Ford County emergency manager.

Emergency management officials say when it comes to weather events like this weekend’s, the further you are from the city, the more important it is for you to stay with your car if it veers off the road. And of course call 911 immediately.

“You get out in a blizzard or conditions like that and you get separated; we can find a car but it’s harder to find a person just walking through the snow,” Elam said.

Roads weren’t the only issue.

At one point thousands of victory electric users from Hodgeman County all the way down to Bucklin were without power.

“Ice and then the wind last night caused a lot of problems,” said Jerri Imgarten, the manager of marketing and communications at Victory Electric Cooperative.

“The problem is with ice on the lines,” she said. “If the bottom line melts first it can bounce back up and hit the top lines, which causes the lines to burn down so that’s what we’re encountering right now.”

While the sun has helped melt some of that snow and ice, both road and power crews are continuing to work until everything is back to normal.

“Hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have everything, everyone back on,” Imgarten said.

“We go out to the asphalt roads and then to the dirt roads so our crews are still out working now,” Elam said.


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