Support continues to pour in for Sa’fyre Terry, fire survivor

It’s the final sprint to the Post Office before the big holiday and postal workers have more mail to sort than ever before.

On top of it already being the busiest day of the year at the post office, postal workers are also dealing with the continued outpouring of support for little Sa’Fyre Terry just today 440 of these trays were delivered.

It’s the biggest delivery of mail yet for Sa’fyre 185,000 and 4,000 parcels were delivered to Saf’yre just Monday, from nearly every state in the country.

The Schenectady post master says handling the mail is not easy task, but one everyone’s happy to do.

“It’s not so much a challenge that it is a great event to help a little girl whose really been struck with tragedy and the postal service so we’re just thrilled to be a part of this and thrilled to help Sa’Fyre,” Postmaster John Reilly tells News 10.

Sa’fyre was injured in a May 2013 fire that claimed the lives of her family.  Sa’fyre also found out that she will be going on a trip to Disney World.

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