Reno County Sheriff pushing gun locks after child tragedy with one of his deputies

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – Sheriff Randy Henderson says he’s doing what he can to support one of his deputies after an accidental shooting on Friday took the life of 3-year-old Kaden Nagle.

“I got the initial dispatch over on my phone Friday morning, and I’m thinking what a tragedy,” says Henderson. “And then I get a call five minutes later saying it’s one of our staff.”

Kaden Nagle
Kaden Nagle

Henderson says Kaden Nagle found a loaded handgun in the apartment his father shares with another individual. The father, Reno County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Nagle, heard a gunshot, and ran into another room to find Kaden with a gunshot wound. Kaden later passed away.

“I hope all of these go out the door,” says Henderson, who on Monday is holding a gun lock. His department is getting the word out they have gun locks they are giving away for free. They got hundreds of gun locks out of storage and wanted to make sure the public knows the gun locks are free.

“It’s just one of the things… that we can do,” says Henderson.

The sheriff says it appears to be an accidental shooing and the South Hutchinson police department and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation are both still investigating as a matter of police protocol.

“Is really tough on staff. I’ve got to say the professionalism of the responding agencies, I’m very proud of those people, I’m very proud of my staff,” says Henderson. “They have got along side their brothers in blue and they have been with the Nagle family from the time it happened and will continue there. They are very supportive. Several of them have called and said I just don’t know what to say. None of us do.”

Henderson says one thing they can do, as an agency, is give away gun locks so children can not fire a weapon if they find one.

“This was an accident. A very unfortunate accident,” explains Henderson. Several years ago there was a project child safe that came out where every law enforcement agency in the state of Kansas was given up to a thousand gun locks to give away to the public. And they are not to sell, just to give away, and we’ve given away a lot of these a public displays and things of that nature. But today is the time period that we need to remind people of gun safety. This (gun lock) comes with an instructions sheet on different types of guns, how to lock them up and keep them safe. If you feel that this is too restrictive, and that you need to have a gun more readily available, please unload the weapon and put the gun in a separate place from the ammunition so a child can’t find it but you could readily get to it. But this (gun lock) is by far the best way. Or a gun safe.”

Henderson says they have counselors for staff members who know the Nagle family and are having a tough time dealing with the death of Kaden.

“I’ve also been talking to Andrew each day, and it’s tough,” says Henderson. “There will be a private funeral service. We are doing what we can for the family.”

If you want a free gun lock, they are available at the Reno County Law Enforcement center at 210 West 1st street or at the New Reno County Jail at 1800 South Severance in Hutchinson.





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