Officials search Canal Route for possible child in water

WICHITA, Kansas – Officials spent part of Monday morning searching the Canal Route for possible child in water. The search started around 8:30 a.m. after police received a call that several children spotted a girl in the water near the 17th Street bridge. The children told school officials.

Officials conducted a search all the way to Mt. Vernon, and so far, they have found no child.

“Fire command didn’t believe there was a child in the water. So, they have scaled back considerably,” said Lt. Don Phelps, Wichita Police Department.

Police say they called all schools in the area about children possibly missing from class. Right now, the Exploited and Missing Child Unit is conducting interviews with the children who spotted the possible girl in the water.

“I do want them to report that. Children are unpredictable. I would rather be on the safe side then on the we didn’t believe them side,” added Phelps.





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