Hot coffee tossed In drive-thru spat

DETROIT, Michigan (WDIV) – Newly released security footage shows a Tim Horton’s employee throwing hot coffee and donut holes at a drive-thru customer.

The customer said he asked a female employee at the Westland, Michigan donut shop to toss out his old cup of Tim Horton’s coffee which he had in his car. She refused to do that, and from there things got heated. The video shows her hand him the fresh cup of coffee, but he refused it. As the customer drove away, a 19-year-old male employee started throwing hot coffee.

The irate employee is shown screaming through the drive-thru window. That’s when, according to the customer, the employee started screaming racial slurs.

The customer did throw cold coffee back at the employee, and also appears in the video to spit on the employees.

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