FAA release new rules to register drones

WICHITA, Kansas – The FAA announced Monday some people will have to register their drones.

Most hobby drone owners will need to get the registration. We talked to a local store working to help their customers know the requirements.

“The common person that’s just buying a present for their grandchild or their child, has no idea. They don’t even know to ask that question,” said owner of The Hangar, Scott Bonse.

It’s the question of who needs to register their hobby drone.

“Whether it’s Christmas time or middle of the summer, it’s ‘I saw it on YouTube.’ or ‘My friend has one.'” Bonse said.

The FAA announced, everyone who fly drones that weigh between 0.55 pounds (250 grams) and less than 55 pounds (approx. 25 kilograms), must register them.

Bonse says he’s working to make sure his customers are aware of the new rules.

“I’m going to say that they’re required to, at some point, they’re going to have to register this product if they’re going to fly it outside,” Bonse said. “Whether they do or don’t, that’s going to be up to them.”

Under the rule, any owner of a small drone who has flown it before December 21st, must register it no later than February 19, 2016. If you’ve buy one *after December 21st, you must register it before flying outside.

If you register early, it’s free, for any registration done between December 21st and January 20, 2016. The FAA says, they want to work with owners to educate them about the drone registration requirements, but those who don’t comply, can face a fine from the FAA of up to $27,500.

“If I ever got into a larger flight apparatus, like a larger quad or remote control aircraft, I would probably want to brush up on what the regulations were,” said The Hangar customer, Rick Everett.

Click here to find out how to register your drone online.

Click here to read full release from FAA on registering drones

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