DA denies second petition recalling Commissioner Richard Ranzau

Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – A group seeking to recall Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau is out of luck again. On Monday, District Attorney Marc Bennett’s office struck down the petition after it was filed last Tuesday.

The group seeking the recall wanted the commissioner removed from office for not accepting millions in federal money for county health programs. The district attorney said there were not sufficient ground for a recall.

2nd Ranzau recall opinion-1

To read the district attorney’s statement, click here or to the right.

Statement on Recall petition

District Attorney Marc Bennett’s office has once again unlawfully blocked our Petition to Recall Commissioner Ranzau. Not only did the DA engage in improper fact finding in ruling that Commissioner Ranzau had not failed to support the State Constitution; the DA’s office further asserts incredulously that the constitutional duty to provide for “needy residents” lies with the county and not County Commissioner Ranzau individually; it is also the DA’s opinion that, contrary to KSA 65-201, Commissioner Ranzau has no individual duty to act as a board of health. In blocking the will of the electorate who demand that Richard Ranzau be recalled, the office of DA Bennett (R) has again improperly shielded an elected officer who the people have sufficient grounds to remove from office. The Committee will review the DA’s determination with counsel and announce our next steps within the next few days.
#RecallRanzau lives on!

Committee To Recall Ranzau, Inc.
Sandrine Lisk
Esau Freeman
Scott Poor
Neva Thiessen, Recall Elector
Mary Dean
Mary Ware
Shirley Benton Kelley, Recall Elector
Tom James, Recall Elector
Lyle “Chip” English
Wendell Turner
Lisa Vayda
Billie Knighton
Melody Miller

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