WSU continues to honor student for heroic death

WSU student Abduljaleel Alarbash who is scheduled to receive an honorary degree in electrical engineering from WSU on Dec. 13, 2015. Alarbash was killed trying to stop a suicide bomber in Saudi Arabia in 2015. (Photo courtesy WSU)

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita State will continue to recognize 22-year-old Abduljaleel “Jaleel”Alarbash for his heroic actions overseas.

Alarbash will be honored Sunday afternoon when he received a degree in engineering posthumously from WSU. Each student walked across the stage as their name were called to receive their certificates at the WSU’s 118th Commencement Ceremony. But there was one student who didnj’t get that opportunity, Alarbash.

“He was close to me. He was my roommate and I can’t imagine, really. Sometimes I feel he’s alive,” said his friend, Mustafa Albusaeed.

Alarbash was killed while trying to stop a suicide bomber from entering a mosque in Saudi Arabia in May.He planned to return to WSU this fall after his wedding in Saudi Arabia.

“He was a guard for the mosque in Saudi Arabia. He saw a woman wearing… sorry a man wearing women’s clothes,” Albusaeed said.

Mustafa says Abdujaleel stopped the suicide bomber from entering the mosque, but the terrorist denonated the bomb in the parking lot.

While it’s hard knowing his friend didn’t physically get to walk across the stage, there’s one person who did.

“Please remain standing while faculty member Dr. Kumar comes to the stage to receive this degree as honored,” said WSU senior vice president, Anthony Vizzini.

“It’s really awesome moment to honor our friend and I really appreciate that from our university, Wichita State University,” said his friend, Mohameed alkhamis.

Friday, the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science dedicated a plaque and renamed the engineering school’s student lounge in Alarbash’s honor. The school decided to dedicate the EECS lounge because it’s a high visible area and is used by many EECS students.


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