Barton County finds new revenue with oil well

GREAT BEND, Kansas- Barton county struck oil at the county landfill. RJM oil of Claflin asked to drill at the site earlier this year to see if they could find a viable well. The county approved and now will be gaining revenue from a well that is expected to produce ten to fifteen barrels of oil a day.

With Barton county being the third biggest oil and gas producer in Kansas, low oil and gas valuations this year hit the county budget hard. They say that any extra revenue will help.

“It seems really like a juxtaposition because we lost money because of oil and now we’re going to be gaining some money because of oil,” said Jennifer Schartz, a Barton County Commissioner.

The money from the oil will go into the county’s general fund and will be factored into the budget for 2017.

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