Squirrel attacks, bloodies couple

California man attacked by squirrel. (Photo courtesy KPIX via CNN)

NOVATO, Calif. (KPIX) – An elderly couple in Novato, California was attacked by a squirrel that got into their garage.

The battle with the animal sent both the husband and the wife to the hospital.

“We were on the ground and we were back up and he was jumping on,” said 87-year-old Richard Williams.  He was doing chores in his garage the afternoon when a squirrel slipped through the open door.

“All of the sudden he charged me and jumped, and from then on, the battle started,” said Williams.

The struggle got bloody fast.

“He was really vicious. He was clawing and scratching and I was trying to get him off. And I finally, every time I’d get him off, he’d jump back up again.”

The squirrel tore Williams’ head, arms and legs, smashing his glasses.

“Norma heard me screaming,” Williams said.

“So I grabbed the broom and picked it up and I guess I hit the squirrel with it,” said Norma Williams.

“And then he jumped her,” Richard said. “I was able to grab him by the tail, threw him on the garage floor and he seemed stunned.”

A neighbor rushed the husband and wife to the hospital.  Both got dozens of shots, including vaccines for rabies and tetanus.

The same squirrel is suspected of attacking five others in two weeks, including a teacher and student at pleasant valley elementary.

“We didn’t even have a clue, it was just out of the blue,” said Norma.

Officials speculate it could be that the squirrel has been fed and is not afraid of people.

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