Don’t clog your pipes: Tips for safely disposing of food grease

While you get your game plan ready for cooking that perfect turkey, think about what you’ll do with those drippings and grease.

Experts say pouring grease down the drain can cause serious problems.

Grease could clog your pipes, which could cause a back up into your house.

When you pour grease down the drain, it will accumulate over time. Other materials that go down the drain will stick to it and cause a blockage.

If you fry your turkey and put the drippings down a storm sewer, it goes directly to creeks and other water, which can have a negative impact on wildlife.

NEW Water says the best way to dispose of grease is to dump it in a container, such as an old coffee can.

“In the old days our grandparents knew exactly what to do. They would always have a coffee can in their cupboard. They’d pour all their grease drippings in the coffee can,” said Brian Vander Loop, Field Service Manager, NEW Water.  “I think there’s a cultural change. I believe in today’s day, our new generation has these garbage disposals that they like to put everything down the garbage disposal and put it down into the sewer system.”

If you have a large amount of grease, you can take it to your local hazardous waste facility for recycling.

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