Family enjoys this Thanksgiving holiday in a special way

John & Krista Agler and their new daughter, Eden. (Photo courtesy Agler Family)

WICHITA, Kansas (KSN) – An Indiana family is extra thankful this holiday season as they are preparing their first Thanksgiving with their baby girl.

eden 3
Andover Police Sgt. Troy Snedeker shown with Krista Agler and her daughter, Eden. (Photo courtesy the Agler family.

Though it might be spent in a Wichita hospital, the couple says their just lucky to be celebrating it as a family of three, and it’s all because an Andover Police Officer decided to respond to a call.

“It was kind of a world wind. An emotional world wind,” explained Jonathan Agler.

John and Krista Agler are especially grateful this Thanksgiving. Seven weeks ago, the couple got a call from an adoption agency asking if they were interested in taking in a baby girl born at 26 weeks, over three months premature.

“When we met her she was already four weeks old, but there were brain bleeds. There were complications, and concerns about her vision, cerebral palsy,” said Krista Agler.

But the Agler’s didn’t hesitate, and took the child knowing she may not survive.

Eden Agler. (Photo courtesy the Agler family)

“That’s not something you imagine when you get pregnant or decide to adopt. But our goal was, let’s just say yes to today. Can we love this baby today? Can we hold her in the NICU today? Yes, we can do that today,” Krista said.

The miracle baby was rescued by Andover Police Sergeant Troy Snedeker, who responded to a call of a woman giving birth in her home. When he got there he found the infant lying face down on the couch, not breathing and weighing just over a pound.

“It was one of those moments where you just react to the situation. You don’t have time to think about it you just put your training into action and you fall back on your training,” described Sgt. Snedeker.

Snedeker is considered a hero but, says it took a team effort to make sure the baby survived.

Throughout the trial, the Agler’s have relied on their faith, never giving up on baby Eden. Soon the family will return home to Indiana.

“Everyone has their own darkness, their own pain. And everyone wants to believe that it can be healed, it can be better, and that God can do something to change it. I think people see Eden where she was and where she is now and they all get excited that, ‘yeah that can happen for me too,’” Krista said.

The Aglers tell KSN that Eden is now six pounds and 18 inches long and they expect to go home to Indiana with her any day now.

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